All the photos that I took on my trip out west in June and July of 2012. I was by myself for most of the trip (except for 4 days in Moab when my brother joined me).

dsc_8939_small.jpg dsc_8940_small.jpg dsc_8941_small.jpg dsc_8942_small.jpg dsc_8946_small.jpg dsc_8947_small.jpg
dsc_8948_small.jpg dsc_8949_small.jpg dsc_8950_small.jpg dsc_8951_small.jpg dsc_8952_small.jpg dsc_8953_small.jpg
dsc_8954_small.jpg dsc_8955_small.jpg dsc_8956_small.jpg dsc_8957_small.jpg dsc_8958_small.jpg dsc_8959_small.jpg
dsc_8960_small.jpg dsc_8963_small.jpg dsc_8964_small.jpg dsc_8966_small.jpg dsc_8968_small.jpg dsc_8971_small.jpg
dsc_8972_small.jpg dsc_8974_small.jpg dsc_8976_small.jpg dsc_8977_small.jpg dsc_8980_small.jpg

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