Student Driver on CJ-5 Hill
Student Driver on Hole-in-the-ground
Chris on Hole-in-the-ground
Student Driver making Chris look bad
Yellow LJ Rubicon
Chris Very Stuck...
Chris Un-Stuck by a tow strap
Hole-in-the-ground, part 1
Hole-in-the-ground, part 2
Hole-in-the-ground, part 3
Laura up the Variety Mills Trailhead
The daughter crawling with ease
Terry up CJ-5 hill
JK up CJ-5 hill
TJ up CJ-5 hill
Following me thru the woods
Following me thru the stream
TJ thru hole-in-the-ground
FARKWAD thru hole-in-the-ground
Following me thru the woods
The Muddy Rescue, part 1
The Muddy Rescue, part 2
The Muddy Rescue, part 3, Where the hell are my Pit Bull Tires?
The Muddy Rescue, part 4, The Muddy Aftermath
JK over the sharp rocks
It's the TJ's turn
And here comes Lord Farkwad
Oops, let's try this again....
Excessive throttle

All videos shot by David Aherron